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Our History

Cloufrica International Limited is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. CIL started its operations in Illorin in 2016, doing Low Cost Housing and Smart Buildings. This operation was shortly afterwards extended to Lugbe Town in Abuja. In 2017 we did our first of two Turnkey Projects for the construction of a ROAD at Governors Road Ikotun and Prinsa Healthcare Pharmacy. These projects involved Design and Construct work for the upgrading of gravel roads to asphalt roads in the Area, Construction and Renovation Works. Our portfolio spans across multiple industries as shown in our brochures.

Professional and Expert Solutions

CLOUFRICA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED was formed with the merging of Richdgercomann Enterprise, Biozat Ventures, TidyGlove Ventures, and BNB Fashion.

The Richdgercomann Brand is a very strong Arm of Cloufrica International Limited which was established in 2009 when Baller Bachmann and Abiola Awojobi decided to combine their strengths in order to form a new company, with combined 24 years of experience in the construction industry and with an experienced management team in place, Richdgercomann as a brand is now ready to meet the modern requirements of the Nigerian Construction Industry. Richdgercomann deals in construction, trading of building materials, Interior decoration and serves as a subsidiary of Cloufrica International Limited.

Cloufrica International Limited is a powerful construction firm whose head office and main operations are in Africa. Cloufrica International Limited hopes to increase home grown interest in Smart Buildings, promoting African expertise at home and abroad and eventually taking African engineers into the global export market. We are also an Engineering, Maintenance, Mechanical, Electrical and Oil Field Material and Scientific Equipment   procurement   Service   Company    with   excellent   track   records  in Electrical, Mechanical, process Instrumentation, Welding, Fabrication and plumbing works With up to 150 employees, Cloufrica International Limited has become the growing face of African development.

The Biozat Brand is another major arm of the organization, deploring all resources into the latest technology in manufacturing and assembling. Cloufrica International Limited boasts of one of the largest electrical manufacturing and assembling plant in Africa and is the sole manufacturer of BIOZAT Distribution Boards and Panels, Circuit Breakers, HV/LV Systems.

We seek to understand the requirements of our clients and provide them the perfect electrical solution. All our ongoing developmental activities for innovative and value-added products are driven by this sense of responsibility. Professionally managed with hand-picked employees who are our main assets, Cloufrica is fervently committed to competitiveness and innovation. Consistent quality checks at every stage of processing has been our growth engine to success.


Our MIssion Statement

Our mission is to continuously achieve beyond our Client’s requirements at all times.

Flexible Schedule

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Affordable Package

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Special Offer

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be Africa’s innovative and leading manufacturer and provider of engineering solutions.

Awards & Achievement

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